Some Kind of Dream 

Not limited to the Outwoods in England, the mischief folk of the forest left their impression on many cultures throughout the world, their encounters recorded in many native folktales. It is no coincidence that those visited cultures, some isolated, have many similarities in their stories and descriptions.

In Minnesota, the native people were just as susceptible to the whims of these spirits. The Sioux in the south west called them the Canoti while the Ojibwa in the North East named them Pukwudgies. With the wee folk’s ability to travel between worlds, these mystic creatures evolved past humanity, for they had learned to unlock the secrets of the universe, secrets and wonders we could never understand and would simply call magic if so witnessed.

With the world's age of wonderment ending, many spirits have chosen not to revisit our world. The few that still make the voyage do so more out of necessity. During one such visit, Frederick Clarkson will discover the existence of these mythical creatures when he befriends a mysterious woman. When the woman invites him to her secret world deep in the forest, he must decide carefully, for the man will knowingly risk everything should he accept.

(150 pages / 13 chapters )
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