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The ring was not an amulet to protect the wearer!  And the angel at the end of Fire Walk with Me was more likely a demon.

posted Apr 29, 2017, 5:54 AM by Stuart Pidasso   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 5:55 AM ]

 If you are ready for another crazy theory, hop on.

You don’t have to believe in my theory that Laura and Cooper are spawn of demon fathers.  But my ring theory still goes against the traditional views, questioning the angel, if not even more cherished thoughts of the TV show.

For the uninitiated, here is a link to my demon sibling theory:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/twinpeaks2017/permalink/1874612539430218/

If the Chalfonts were helping Laura to find her way home, then the gentle Giant could have been doing the same for Cooper.  However, the Giant was not trying to help Cooper catch Bob.  The Giant wanted to obfuscate the investigation, hence the Giant’s encumbering riddles.  The Giant took Agent Cooper’s ring mostly to keep the agent AND Leland safe.  Cooper wearing the ring in the presence of Leland would have been dangerous, as we will later see. 

Next recall Maddy’s murder, the Giant appeared to announce, “It is happening again.”  The old man came over to Cooper and said “I’m so sorry.”  This was not shared grief for the death of Maddy.  The Giant was actually communicating, “It is happing again.”  As if saying, (This is what we do.)  The demons need to feed off humans.  And for the old man’s apology, “I’m so sorry”, this could be seen as, (Sorry, but we could not let you stop Bob.)  All these demons feed off garmonbozia (pain and sorrow), and Bob was their harvester.  (And still is.)

Go further back to when the old man said, “I’ve heard about you,” to Cooper at the Great Northern.  The old man is a demon, and all the demons knew of Cooper being the spawn of one of their own.  Any of the demons could have told Cooper at any time the identity of Bob, but they didn’t.  In Fire Walk with Me, Leland visits the Red Room after killing Laura, well before Cooper’s arrival to Twin Peaks.  The spirits have always known that Leland was the current host.

The Ring protects no one.  (Poor Aubrey!  She probably has a date with plastic in her near future.  Note the Ring on the 2017 EW cover.)  The ring is a mark for death, a fast ticket to the Red Room.  After Leland kills Maddy, only then the Giant returns Cooper’s ring.  Maddy’s murder was one that was well planned, one not needing the influence of her wearing ring. 

Take what happens when Truman and Cooper pull Leland over at the side of the road?

Leland feels compelled to grab a golf club from the trunk of his car in order to bash in Cooper’s skull, a potential careless attack in the open, in the presence of Truman, something that also nearly exposed Maddys body!  This is because of Cooper’s ring.  The ring makes Bob excited and feral, inciting him to kill its wearer. 

The Giant had only returned the ring after Maddys death, most likely for selfish reasons.  After which, Cooper’s path home to the Red Room no longer mattered, whether it be at the hands of Bob or by the Agent ”laying one stone at a time” to the Red Room door.

Why did the Chalfonts give Teresa Banks the ring? 

She was about to blackmail Leland (seen in the deleted cuts of the film).  Teresa could have put Leland under the spotlight.  This could have exposed Bob.  Giving Teresa the ring marked her for death the next time she came face to face with Leland.

This next begs the question: why did the Chalfonts show Laura the ring in her vivid dream? 

They were preparing Laura, showing her that the ring would bring her home.  Laura’s demon self was becoming aware.  When she visited Bobby for the last time, she asked for one last bag of cocaine, telling Bobby, “I’m going home.”  Even Laura’s demon half was beginning to manifest in her demeanour.  When Bobby blew Mike’s brains out during the drug deal gone badly, Laura was not upset.  The violet act actually made her giddy.  This behaviour was not that of insanity girl after years of abuse.  Her manic behaviour was her demon side bemused by a stranger’s death.

This brings us to the angel (or demon as I theorize).  Frost and Lynch are spiritual, open minded to many theologies.  However, Christian philosophy was never a center piece of the show.  Lynch is a firm believer of Transcendental Meditation and most likely would not unexpectedly take a firm Christian stance at the perceived end of the Twin Peaks franchise.  Actually, angels were never written in the shooting script.

If Laura believed that “the angels had all gone away”, why did the angel show up in the train car?

The angel was not met for Laura; the angel was for Ronnette, who did believe in them.  One of the demons was playing the part of the angel with the purpose of untying Ronnette.  Appearing as an angel calmed Ronnette.  The demons needed Ronnette calm so that she could open the train car door for the One Arm Man.  Gerard—trapped in a human body—could not pass through physical walls.  Gerard needed the door opened in order to toss Laura the ring.  While Bob punched Ronnette unconscious and closed the train door, the angel untied Laura so she could pick up the ring.  Laura put on the ring with the knowledge that this would lead to her death.  Bob became incensed by the ring and subsequently kills Laura, sending her home…to the Red Room. 

But why did the spirits ultimately want Laura to put on the ring?  Why did they want her to die?

Laura was family, and they did not agree with Bob’s lust to control her.  Bob had become distracted from his duties.  Think back to when the Chalfonts met Donna.  The old woman did not want any cream corn.  I take the old woman’s declaration as the demons did not want Laura’s garmonbozia.

Why was the angel/demon with Cooper when Laura arrived to the Red Room? 

I believe the angel escorted her.  And when the dancing light appeared on Laura’s face, her consciousness was expanding.  With Lynch’s belief that humans are finite droplets of knowledge who, upon their deaths, return to the ocean to infinite consciousness, this was Laura’s awakening.  The angel/demon was there to help orientate Laura to their reality, letting her in on the charade of the train car.

Lastly, why was Laura crying with joy?  Hard to say.  They are mischievous demons after all.  J

Writing down my theory reminds me of a certain song, “Danse Macabre” by Purson (Purson the demon name of the Great King of Hell):

“Oh, what mystery is greater than the one of death?
It must be love, you see, so bring me his sweet head on silver”