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Are Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer brother and sister?

posted Apr 29, 2017, 5:53 AM by Stuart Pidasso   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 5:56 AM ]

 I’ll be the first to say I’m crazy, but hear me out.  J


Someone recently mentioned that they considered Laura Palmer to be Bob’s daughter since Bob took over Leland when he was an adolescent.  This theory immediately tickled me. 


Shortly after, I remembered that Cooper’s mother was also familiar with a Bob like spirit.  In Cooper's audio book (written by Scott Frost), "Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper, Cooper describes a dream from his childhood:


"A man who I have never seen was trying to break into my room.  He kept calling my name and said that he wanted me."


"I told Mom about it, and she said that she knew 'him' and that she has the same dream and that I must never let the man into my room."

Cooper’s mother dies soon after.  She then visits Cooper in a subsequent dream where the young Cooper wakes to find the 'ring' on his finger, the same ring the Giant would later take in the series.


So could Laura and Cooper be related if they are both spawns of a mischievous demon?  Or perhaps they have different demon fathers, which is more likely since multiple spirits live “above the convenience store”.  Worth noting, there were eight shown in the Convenience Store scene:  Mike, Bob, the Chalfonts / Tremonds, and the others.


This may explain why the gentle Giant, a repented Gerard, and the Chalfonts try to help Laura and Cooper.  They are family, a mischievous and quite dysfunctional one, but still a family of sorts.


Laura and Cooper both experience vivid dreams that cross dimensions and foretell events.  Both have connections to rings.  Both encounter the supernatural.  Perhaps, Laura and Cooper are simply unaware of their true lineage. 


I also believe the manner in which the Chalfonts interact with Laura was their way of raising Laura’s consciousness to the fact that she may be more than human, laying the path that will lead her home.  And when Laura crosses over into the Red Room, who’s there to welcome her?  Future Cooper. 


(Since a wounded Annie from the future visits Laura in Fire Walk with Me, we can also assume that this Cooper is from the future, time functioning differently within the Red Room.)


Seeing Laura and Cooper in this new light, it changes how I see the “ring” and its purpose.  I even see the “angel” differently.  But I’ll save that for my next post.